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Imperator Rome, classified as a Grand Strategy Game, was first released on the 25th of April, 2019. This game was designed by Johan Anderson, Henrik Lohmander, and Peter Nicholson, and the same was developed by Paradox Development Studio and then published by Paradox Interactive.

Imperator: Rome can be accessed through different platforms like Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux and can be played on single-player and multiplayer modes. This game is a sequel to another Grand Strategy Game released in 2008 known as Europa Universalis: Rome.

The game is based on an ancient timeline, spanning from AUC 450 to AUC 727 which falls along with the establishment of The Roman Empire and The wars of Diadochi.

This game follows an extensive area and imperator Rome map that moves across the Iberian Peninsula to India. This explores the geographical detail and focuses on every political layer covering the imperator Rome map.

Succeeding most Paradox Grand games even Imperator: Rome surfaces a large part of the Classical era’s land. The imperator Rome map is huge and covers NorthWest Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, the British Aisles, and moves across Europe. This game features the Indian Subcontinent and parts of modern-day China. It is almost unlikely to be exhausted of territories to invade. Well not until you are Alexander the Great of video games.

Well the imperator Rome map has various modes to explore from, and some of them include:

  • Terrain Map Mode
  • Simple Terrain Map Mode
  • Political Map Mode
  • Culture Map Mode
  • Religion Map Mode
  • Provinces Map Mode
  • Trade Goods Map Mode

and so many more.

Even though it’s hard to top the glorious map view, Imperator: Rome has some fine characters. The crucial lot has to be leaders and the 4 most important stats: martial, finesse, charisma, and zeal. It’s the combination of these stats that help in the determination of the role of the leader.

Every individual has all of the 4 mentioned stats; however, they might not significantly impact the territory, yet everyone on the game contributes to the overall power constituted.

How to use Imperator Rome console commands and cheats

Console commands are a debugging tool that adds a whole new level of functionality to the game. However, this gets administered only to the players playing in PC.

The imperator Rome console commands and imperator Rome cheats classified into two parts, namely –

  • Enable Console
  • Console Commands

For imperator Rome cheats – Enable Console, one needs to put the game on and press the console key (~). This remains as the default console key for most consoles yet if it doesn’t work, it needs manual enabling through

Stream Library > Right click on Imperator Rome > Set Launch Option > type “-console” and press ok.

Get back home and try again.

Some other imperator Rome cheats to enable the Console is

  1. Shift + 2
  2. Shift + 3
  3. Alt + 2 + 1

Post that one tries to type a command and click on enter. However, some imperator Rome console commands have arguments which are also known as parameters. They are extra numbers or ids that one adds to imperator Rome console commands to add instruction.

The debug_mode command will debug every data we need for imperator Rome cheats like character IDs and province IDs; country tags will be shown in tooltips when one hovers over provinces, characters, and portraits, etc.

Few cheats for Imperator Rome console commands are:

  • ae command ( ae[amount] )

To increase or decrease the provincial aggressive expansion.

  • amnesia command ( amnesia[amount] )

Helps to clear the action plan for the AI of the country with the specified country tag.

  • annex command ( annex[country tag] )

Helps in the annexation of the mentioned country tag.

  • army command ( army[amount] [province id] )

This cheat spawns specific amounts of army cohorts in the province with the province ID mentioned.

These are a few Imperators Rome console commands that save time and make it easier to take vital steps.

Best Formable Nations in Imperator Rome

Formable Nations mean the merging of provinces through some decisions enacted by certain nations provided they reach a point of commonality.

There is a list of 62 different nations currently that are a list of imperator Rome formable nations. Also, it’s worth mentioning that a formal nation in a given tier, once formed cannot form another formable nation. There are only 3 exceptions in the list of imperator Rome formable nations, namely- 20px Cyprus, Argread Empire, and 20px Bharatavarsha which can always be formed if the requirements are met.

There are 3 tiers in imperator Rome formable nations among which the nations in the 3rd tier are the most powerful ones however the best imperator Rome formable nations would be

  1. Assyria
  2. The Caledonian Confederacy
  3. Persia
  4. Magna Graecia
  5. Phoenician
  6. Panhellenic league

The perfect Army composition in the Game

The right key to victory has to be the right composition of the armies. It’s important to draw parallels between the units and one’s tactics. Most armies will work with ⅔ infantry and ⅓ cavalry. A mix of heavy and light infantry will help to increase the effectiveness of various armies.

However, this game has gone through some serious modifications. The imperator Rome mods achieved some serious heights, and constantly they work towards enhancing their vanilla experience into something of the higher standards.

The best imperator Rome mods so far are:

  • Gladio Et Sale
  • Movable windows
  • Lord of The Rings- Realms in Exile
  • Ashes of Empire- The Dark Age

To name a few.

Imperator: Rome might not be the most talked-about game of 2019, yet the team is making constant efforts to provide an exciting experience. Some of the best imperator Rome mods are ideas generated from Stream workshops held at regular intervals, which also increases developer-user engagement.


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