Minecraft Java Edition — 8 Common Issues and how to fix them

Minecraft Java Edition — 8 Common Issues and how to fix them

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Here we collect the most common issues and questions in Minecraft Java Edition with their solution.

How to Stop Minecraft launcher warning about using modified Minecraft installs

In a recent update of Minecraft launcher, the Microsoft accounts support was added along with a few background concerns. Many players had witnessed their background being changed with the update and a new warning that would come with modified profiles.

The ‘stop using mods’ message from Minecraft that pops from time to time is quite annoying. But the pertinent information to this remains short, and technically speaking, there seems to be no adequate solution to this except accepting the warning or skipping it for the next pop up.

Can flint be obtained from gravel when it is mined?

Most players confide that they can access the flint from gravel that they have placed. But others say it doesn’t work either in the singleplayer or others. You may speculate that players unable to do so are possibly using a silk touch tool, but no!

Gravel will not serve you the flint unless it is broken. They are supposed to be broken by you, and simply determining it over a torch won’t prove effective.

As per the details put by Minecraft Mini, the odds of the flint by gravel is 10% per dig.

What is the Slime Chunk Generation Method?

In Minecraft, slime farming refers to the automatic generating and destroying of slices that will result in slimeballs. These slimeballs can then be modified into slime blocks.

Slime blocks tend to break off promptly with a minor hit. This makes them very convenient for instant clearing out of water volumes.

There are two ways on how you may build the slime farm, i.e., slime chuck and swamp biome. Since you are looking for the slime chunk generation method, let’s pay a deeper stretch to it only.

Each chuck that is developed in the game comprises possibilities of up to 10% to be a slime chunk. And within these line chunks, slices can be generated under a Y < 40 circumstances.

These chunks, about 256 blocks tall 16 × 16 components in Minecraft, are used to calculate maps in the real world as well.

Minecraft won’t run on any version

Facing a situation where Minecraft wouldn’t work is common, and almost every player has faced it. The first possibility to why Minecraft isn’t working is because the device is not compatible enough.

But if your device is strong enough, maybe ending the Minecraft process will be your solution. Start by ending the task at the task manager, followed by the reboot.

To open the task manager, click on the keys- Ctrl + Shift + Esc altogether.

The succeeding way on how you can resolve Minecraft’s inability to run is by running the game as an administrator. To do so, you have to right-click on Minecraft on the computer that will show a list. Select the ‘Run as administrator’ option from there.

Rather than the administrator option, you can also proceed with the compatibility mode that supports the older version and its alteration of settings.

Other than that, enabling Mods can be one reason why Minecraft isn’t able to run regardless of the version.

If you are facing the issue while having mods set on your Minecraft, this may be the cause of the problem. Here, removing Mods will help.

How to fix GLFW OpenGL error

GLFW OpenGL, which occurs right after you initiate the Minecraft launcher, indicates that the drivers have to be updated soon so that it can support OpenGL.

OpenGL is an Open Graphics Library that provokes the 2D and 3D graphics and is often employed for a smooth interaction between the Graphics processing unit.

OpenGL helps Minecraft to run faster and with minimum flaws by commanding the game about graphics that probably aren’t supposed to be in the immediate sight.

To fix the OpenGL error, players have to update their drivers, just how the error tells you to do so.

Not only the OpenGL, but outdated drivers create other gaming problems as well.

In Apple devices, the drivers are generally built-in, meaning they can never be changed. The only way out is to keep the device updated.

How to fix Game Minecraft Crashed: Exit Code 0

If you see any Exit Code: 0, know that your game has been exited. If this error happens to show up, check the status of your Java client.  Outdated Java clients are the most suspected cause of this, although there are other reasons for it.

If it is the cause, there is no way out but to keep your java client updated.

Start downloading your java client at the java downloads page, whereby you’ll see a clear option for downloading the latest. But before beginning the installment, delete the preceding one for sure.

In case your java is in the finest condition and the best version, check if the RAM of the device you are using is 2 Gb at the least.

2Gb Ram will be enough for Minecraft gaming. However, 4Gb Ram is recommended if you want a good gaming experience.

You can allot further RAM; reach the JAVA tab, where you’ll find the option of changing maximum RAM.

These are the two main solutions to the problem. But if none isn’t working, maybe reinstalling everything will be effective. This is because the game or the Java file you installed was corrupted.

Minecraft crashing after replacing skin file

A new skin file sounds exciting but only until the game doesn’t crash, and this issue is very common. Solving this is really simple, i.e., uninstalling and then installing the latest version back.

Rotation detection anchor not working properly

The rotation detection anchor doesn’t have any error box showing up; it is kind of numb that just isn’t effective anymore. This may be a result of the teleport command neglecting the facing arguments.

Executing the rotation as Default_Ex at @e[name=WandRay] run teleport @e[name=WandRay] ^ ^ ^0.01 facing ^ ^ ^-1 may help fix this problem.


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