Extremely Popular Jobs During Covid-19

The advent of the Coronavirus brought unprecedented disruptions throughout the world. It introduced an era that has turned many people jobless and some working remotely due to the government’s health guidelines. Organizations around the world had to adapt to the new normal by amending their work structure and develop strategies to stay in business, which includes laying off workers and reduction in work hours. According to a survey by Gallup in the United States, not less than 46 million Americans have been laid off.  

Despite the above, certain jobs in the technology industry have developed “a tough skin” to adverse challenges, and not even Covid-19 pandemic could stop them from thriving. Due to their nature, these jobs easily adapted to the new normal and have remained in demand by many companies across the world because of the ability to work remotely. Some of these jobs are listed below.

Web Developing

A web developer uses a variety of computer languages and techniques to develop and maintain websites and web applications. They come up with the vision for the features and functions on websites and go a step further by implementing security to ensure privacy and safeguard the platform from hackers.

Web development is an industry that cuts across several other industries. Almost every aspect of life is now being made easy as web developers look for problems and hope to solve them by creating digital solutions. Importantly, web development is a job that can be done remotely, making it pandemic-proof.

Many companies in different parts of the world are looking to go digital to offer solutions to an array of problems in the world, hence, there is an increasing demand for web developers. DevMountain had predicted about 1.4 million job openings for web developers in 2020 and noted that there were only 40,000 web developers to fill in those spaces. It goes without saying that in times like this, it would be a very good idea to learn web development. There are tons of resources online for anyone interested in this career path. For instance, Career Karma as an online community connects you as a learner with bootcamps, advice and other programs to learn web development and other in-demand tech skills.


This is another pandemic-proof career path. A web designer complements the job of a web developer. Their roles are often conflated even though they are different. While a web developer designs the structure of a website, its application, and securely maintains it, a web designer maps out a layout of features and creates a visual aesthetic on the website.

A designer designs the appearance of the dashboard, menu, icons, and pop-ups and curates them all into what is called a user interface/experience (UI/UX). Web designers are also responsible for creating updates for their design.

Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown across the world, web designers, like developers continued to work remotely without a hitch. This makes it one of the most resilient jobs during the pandemic. You can register for web design bootcamps to learn the basics of web design and ultimately acquire this top skill.

Data Science

Also on the list of the most resilient jobs during Covid-19 is data science. Data science is the extraction of actionable insights from raw data. A data scientist develops predictive models, processes, and creates algorithms used for obtaining and analyzing relevant data. A data scientist aims to understand certain goals and come up with ways to use data to achieve those goals.

A LinkedIn report recently ranks data scientists as one of the top emerging jobs in 2020, yet data scientists remain scarce. Bootcamps and audio-visual online resources are available for anyone interested in this interesting career path.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis is the process of cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to discover useful information for business decision-making. A data analyst uses the models designed by the data scientist to assess a series of data sets and use them to analyze trends to help business owners arrive at favorable business decisions. 

The coronavirus pandemic opened a wide door of opportunities for data analysts. This is as a result of the demand for data analysis across most industries to measure the spread and impact of the virus. This career path has a long term prospect for intending analysts.


There are loads of resources, platforms and communities online to learn these in-demand skills for little or no financial implication. Although the cost may be high, bootcamping is a great avenue to learn and practise these skills. Bootcamps usually run for weeks, depending on the platform.

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