Football Manager 2021 crashes, freezes, and performance fixes

Football Manager 2021 crashes, freezes, and performance fixes

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Due to the pandemic, there are serious problems everyone faced around the world. Everyone was asked to stay at home and not move outside; football lovers found it difficult to stay at home and not play their game on the field. The gaming industry people noticed this and came out with a new version of the Football Manager series.

Football Manager 2021 is a newly launched game about football and has already gained popularity. Every year with its new launch, this year’s Football Manager 2021 has become really popular among the players. This game won numerous awards and is available on different gaming devices. To maintain the hype, this game’s creators gave free access to this game to the gamers two weeks before the launch.

The game, which was released on November 24th, has become a totally exciting video game during these times when everyone has to stay at home. Even though the game has received a lot of appreciation, a few bugs in the game need fixing.

How to fix football manager 2021 low FPS and performance?

The new game – Football manager 2021, has certain bugs that need fixing. The main problem faced by the game is the game’s FPS and performance.

To solve this problem, restarting your PC always helps. If you face any problem in the performance of the game, try restarting the game as well as your PC. There is an option called ‘triple-buffering’; disable that option as it will decrease the load present on your PC. To fix the FPS of the game, try enabling threaded optimization. After enabling, put a limit to the FPS.

Football manager application error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE

There are instances when the game crashes when you start playing. This application faces an error – DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE. This error makes the game crash randomly while playing. There are several reasons why their error occurs:

  • The problem might be in your GPU. It might get overlocked. Your GPU can be factory overlocked, but you need to revert the GPU to the base clock. This will solve the error.
  • If the GPU’s reverting doesn’t work or you want to do it, then set your game’s limit to 30 FPS. This will help to resolve the issue.

NOTE: This will work if the GPU you have can run football manager at 30 FPS, and your monitor should be of 60 Hz.

Fixing the football Manager 2021 black screen at startup

This problem is very common in this game. If you encounter this problem, then go to the football manager 2021 game and select the option ‘Run as administrator.’ If this does not solve the problem, launch your game in a mode called a borderless window, this will resolve your issue, and a black screen won’t appear at the start of the game.

After all these steps, if you still face some issue, restart your system and open the game again. Don’t forget to update your windows. This, too, might cause the black screen problems.

‘Missing app configuration’ error while installing Manager 21.

If an error occurs where a message pops up reading ‘missing app configuration,’ while you are trying to install the game, all you need to do is shut steam down and delete the same file present in the program files of steam. Once you are done with this, try launching steam again and reinstall the game.

Anti-virus or malware warning when trying to run FM21

When a situation occurs where an anti-virus or malware warning is shown on your screen when you try to run the game, this whole thing is generally called ‘false positive.’

To overcome this problem, follow these steps:

  • On your PC, go to Windows Security.
  • Go to the settings of virus protection.
  • There will be an option you will find called ‘Exclusions,’ and then further go to the option ‘remove or add exclusions.’
  • Put in all the details (file, type, folder) and select – add the exclusions.
  • This will mark your game (football manager) as exempt and remove it from the threat, thus, making it run without any anti-virus.


Football Manager 21 has been a big success as it was launched during the pandemic, which kept everyone inside their houses. This made the gamers play and experience the game thoroughly.

With every appreciation it got, numerous reviewers criticized this game. Though many people, gamers especially, posted a lot about how to fix the bugs in the game, people questioned the creators as to why the glitches weren’t solved before launching.

Talking about the game’s price, Football Manager is cheap compared to any other football game Franchise, but every other version of this game has different costs, yet cheaper than other football games.

Many reviewers have said that this game’s graphic experience is much better than the previously launched games. The creators have improved the graphics of this game, making it more interesting to play the game.

There is also a Football Manager 2021 mobile game, which is available. If you don’t have a proper gaming system to play this game, you always have a mobile! You can download the game and experience it. Though the technicalities might differ as the system game is much easier to play, you can still enjoy the mobile game. You might not find the specifications, answers to your problems online as this game for the PC, and the coding is done accordingly. But you should experience the game, as it has much of a hype and people love playing it. The game is available on the play store for android users, and the cost is also pretty much affordable.

This game, regardless of all the hype, continues to receive criticism. There are different glitches and bugs people are facing every day and posting about it but, even after all this, the game has been played with excitement and joy!


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