Honeydew Mei — New Overwatch Skin That Blow Fans Treads

Honeydew Mei — New Overwatch Skin That Blow Fans Treads

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As the mei honeydew skin came from the Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event for which the fans were felled very hard created by a talented cosplayer with establishing outfits and costumes. In the game honeydew mei was the fascinating and latest mei skins that arrived in the latest events. The mei overwatch cosplay features the signature green melon tea overalls with a little melon motif specified on the apron attached with a red ribbon on the hat. In the game, hoihoisado’s outfit is compared to the actual skin in-game as she puts so much effort to make her look so accurate, even the polka dots on her socks. The tea store in the mei overwatch cosplay truly brings the essence of honeydew mei into life.

About Overwatch

In mei honeydew, the anniversary skin has arrived in the latest events. Overwatch is an odd place of a game as service into the storyline or in the plot that has a story which is attached to the property and not in the game instead the overwatch’s story has been visualized and entertained through cinematics, yearly events, and some short stories with the story. The mei overwatch cosplay has a large fan base with the players for the stories, characters, and world. The fanfiction is also being written by the fans on Overwatch, draws fanart and comics, and has built many communities by shipping and writing it. In the official overwatch cookbook, there is a fun, delicious distraction with a few pieces of new information hidden in the pages about the characters.

Plot of Overwatch

In honeydew mei the Overwatch, by reading the recipe descriptions the plots were arranged in order as Shambali monks cook food and share it with the humans. Roadhog there regularly returns to Junkertown with a connection within the city. Soldier: 76 with a collection of friends on his farm wholesome and patriotic childhood. The things seemed insignificant as Overwatch’s lore is coming slowly in various mediums to cover different characters. Also, the Zenyatta fans haven’t received any lore related to him as they learned the situations with Genji.

The fan creations were also focused on smaller, more intimate things than the broad, sweeping portrait of Overwatch’s current lore. The Overwatch lead writer Michail Chu holds a long fan debate as he confesses his true identity as Sarah’s father. In honeydew mei for some of the fans, this game is an inelegant and frustrating way to find the things about what they are passionate about, and for some fans, it’s exciting to get the new details in their heads.

About Honeydew Mei

New legendary skin, honeydew mei has been released for the Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event and became a hit among all the game players. This skin comes with all highlight intros; various victory poses and emotes. This skin can also be enabled in some training rooms and try in third-person gameplay to see how it looks.

Honeydew Mei Image
Honeydew Mei. Image Source: artstation.com

Community Reaction on a New Skin

The anniversary skin is the cosmetics used to delicate and enhances the outfits of the players and the colour schemes. Many skins are available from common skin to the default one, the rare skins being simple recolours and the epic mei skins are for advanced recolours and for outfit changes. Most of the skins in mei honeydew are unlocked with the opening of the loot boxes. As there are 363 mei skins which are obtained from standard loot boxes in-game and 211 are not obtained from the normal loot boxes:

  • One skin is unlocked as a preorder bonus.
  • Five skins are unlocked by attending BlizzCon or purchasing the virtual ticket.
  • 5 Blizzard skins are unlocked after buying the Origins Edition.
  • Thirty-seven summer skins are unlocked from summer games.
  • Thirty-five mei skins were unlocked from the Halloween loot boxes.
  • Thirty-three skins are unlocked from the Winter loot boxes.
  • Thirty-one skins are unlocked from Lunar New Year loot boxes.
  • Thirty-two skins are from Archives loot boxes.
  • Thirty-eight are unlocked from Anniversary loot boxes.

The honeydew mei Overwatch League introduces 1433 skins in the game with mei overwatch cosplay tokens can buy OWL skins with it costs 100 tokens. There are 11 skins: 2018 Pacific All-Stars (Genji), 2018 Atlantic All-Stars (Tracer), 2019 Pacific All-Stars (Lucio), 2019 Atlantic All-Stars (Mercy), Zen-Nakji (Zenyatta), Goat (Brigitte), Thunder (Doomfist), Flying Ace (Winston), Alien (Zarya) and the latest coming soon 2020 Pacific All-Stars (D.va), 2020 Atlantic All-Stars (Reinhardt).

Popular Memes and Reactions on Honeydew Mei

The reviews of people regarding the honeydew mei are very famous as a fun fact as some have reviewed that they were going through the new skins that were added as in China you should never wear a green hat because a green hat in the Chinese culture signifies that the other is cheating on you is a prostitute, although it is a symbol for cuckold for both sexes that don’t make it any better. As in Chinese culture the Yuan Dynasty, the family of prostitutes was forced to wear green hats as there is another story in which a hard-working man accidentally left the house wearing the green hat as his wife’s lover left by mistake.


As discussed above the mei honeydew was released for the Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event. The event brings back a rotating roster from the past game and lets the players grab the past event skins they had missed from the previous events. Climatologist mei honeydew has promoted an adorable new ‘Honeydew’ outfits that put the scientist revealing a thick pair of thighs players as they can crack their skull. As it is stated by the fans that Overwatch has mei honeydews as being a uniform bubble tea shop and is backed up by the reel on her right thigh.


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