Horizon Zero Dawn – 8 bugs, glitches, and how to fix them on PC

Horizon Zero Dawn – 8 bugs, glitches, and how to fix them on PC

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Horizon Zero Dawn is an action video game developed in 2017. The lead character of this game is Aloy, who is a hunter and is surrounded by machines. There are mechanical creatures who attack Aloy, and she uses weapons to combat them.

This game was appreciated by many people and gamers, especially for its graphics, characters, and visuals. But, after so much appreciation, the game did receive some criticism and that it has some glitches and bugs.

Here are eight such glitches with the solutions and fixes.

How to fix random stutter and FPS problems on the horizon?

The game has common problems of stuttering, FPS, and a few such problems. But, there are a few ways which will help you which are faced during the game.

  • There are times when uninvited software comes in between operations, resulting in the game’s crashing. Hence, delete all the unnecessary and unwanted programs and start the game all over again.
  • Try running the game in full-screen mode. It is noticed that gamers who were playing the game in windowed mode faced stuttering problems.
  • Always keep your graphics card updated. It is one of the major reasons for the game to stutter and lag. Therefore, visit the official website of the graphics card you own and get it updated.
  • It is usually noticed that in systems with high specifications, the game tends to stutter and drop the FPS. To avoid this, reset your graphic settings to the lowest.

Horizon consistent crashes every 30-40 minutes – solved

The consistent crashes that games face while playing horizon are solved now!

Here are a few steps one can follow to overcome these crashes:

  • Make sure your set up is decent enough to meet the requirements of Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • To avoid crashes, make sure your game files are verified on Steam. Go to the library option on your PC and select the properties tab of the game. Select the option where you can verify the game files. This will help in avoiding crashes.
  • Make sure you update your graphic driver. An Outdated graphic driver can cause unwanted crashing. So update your GPU driver from the official website of your graphic driver manufacturer.
  • Reinstall your game and update your windows.

How to fix broken physics or animated in-game bugs?

Horizon Zero Dawn has many animation in-game bugs where the images/graphics in the game look disturbed.

If you are facing this problem, too, there is the latest version – 1.05 patch for PC that fixes the graphic or animation problems in the game. To get rid of animation glitches, download the 1.05 patch, which is released to fix these problems and help the system run smoothly.

Fix for broken textures or AMD cards

To fix the textures or AMD cards in your game, follow these few steps mentioned below:

  • Open the control panel of your game and go to the option ‘AMD software.’
  • Select the option Gaming > games.
  • Find ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ out of the list that appears on the screen.
  • To improve the texture quality, select the option ‘Standard.’
  • In-game, select the FDH quality for the textures to look normal.

Glitch with valuable loot from rock breakers

The valuable loot from rock breakers is said to be the corrupted area in the game. In the game, the player has to kill the machines and go ahead to loot the corpse. But here is the glitch in the game. There are three rock breakers that the player has to kill. No problems occur while killing the first rock breaker. But after killing the second one and while trying to loot them, the giant monsters disappear, not letting you loot the corpse.

This glitch is very common, but here is a way to help you win the corrupted area. You can use fire arrows against these corrupted machines. Also, try to tear down the front claw of these machines so they cannot burrow down and you can loot them and get the reward points.

FidelityFX CAS, which percent to set up

FidelityFX CAS helps in sharpening the images in the game and also to optionally scale those images.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, it depends on what system you are playing. According to your system, if the images appear very soft and a bit dull, you can keep the CAS around 35%. This much percent works pretty well to sharpen the images in the game. It is suggested that you not increase the CAS beyond 50% because then there are chances for the image quality to fall.

NOTE: these percentages differ according to the different systems. Some might not support it; please check and go through the related information before making any changes.

How to stop Shaders Optimization every time the game start

Horizon Zero Dawn faces some technical issues like rewriting the shader system and to stop the shader Optimization every time the game starts.

But, there is a solution to this. The creators of the horizon have come up with a new version of the game for PC users. Patch 1.07 has all the improvements which are needed to better the game. Before this new version, the shaders optimization took place on the screen before the game started and took a lot of time. But with this version for PC, the shader optimization automatically takes place in the background while the gamer can continue playing their game.

If Horizon Zero Dawn crashes on start-up, do this

Usually, these crashes occur if your system has some broken files. Horizon Zero Dawn requires some files; make sure you have verified those files on Steam.

There are a few ways to verify these files and stop the crashing of the game.

  • Restart your system and start Steam.
  • Go to Library > Horizon Zero Dawn game > properties.
  • You will find the local files there, and an option saying ‘Verify integrity’ button. Click on that button.
  • Steam will continue to verify the files which are present in your system.
  • After verification, the system will happen to work all well without any crashes.


Horizon Zero Dawn is a very famous and well-appreciated game. It has gained its popularity due to the characterization of the game and its graphics.

This game has also received a lot of awards. When it was launched, around 10 million copies were sold, and because of this, it was claimed to be one of the best-selling games.


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