How to start a software development career in the game development industry

How to start a software development career in the game development industry

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How to start a software development career in the game development industry

The game industry has taken big strides, as people no longer play games just for fun. The industry has been innovated by games like Fortnite, League of Legends and Garena Free Fire, for example. As a result, Mobile Developers and Software Developers have new challenges to overcome.

To stay relevant, Game Developers have to upgrade and update their skills regularly. Likewise, major organizations are investing vast amounts of money in the game industry.

Software Developers have to realize what type of games are engaging users to set their target audience. Being a gamer is now a profession, and as a result, developers have to build innovative products.

If you are looking to start a career in the game development industry, here are a few tips to start. These tips will not only help you start a career but also stay relevant.

Get a Related Degree

Several Game Developers have indeed started a career by learning from experience. However, getting a related tech degree is vital as we are living in an era where education is essential.

Starting a program where you can learn programming skills will be helpful. It’s because it will help you to demonstrate that you are able to do the work during interviews. In the same way, joining coding bootcamps allows you to lean on peers and experienced mentors.

Thinkful is a company that offers several programs in software development. The company tries to match its students’ needs. For that reason, its programs are available in flexible schedules to meet students’ demands.

Thinkful is committed to the success of its students. The company provides each student with a support team. Students receive help from career coaches, experienced industry mentors, and academic success managers that help them thrive after graduation.

Build a Portfolio to Show Employers

When starting a career in game development, building a portfolio is essential to showcase your abilities. Having a degree is not enough to convince employers. They also want to see what’s your proficiency level. For that reason, having a well-built portfolio will help you get the job you want.

It doesn’t matter if your portfolio only contains personal projects; what matter is the quality of your projects. Employers will check your portfolio to see your coding, troubleshooting and debugging abilities. Those skills are essential in the game development industry as they are useful in deployment control activities.

Building a good portfolio can be challenging. To help you, you can join Flatiron School’s courses in software development. During their programs, you will be able to showcase your progress through portfolio projects. You will learn not only how products are designed but also how they are managed.

To start looking for jobs with an outstanding portfolio, you should join Flatiron School’s team. This is the right decision to make as the company also offers support career services.

Enter Game Development Competitions

Entering competitions allows you to show your abilities. You will have new challenges as you compete with skilled opponents, which will force you to improve.

When joining industry competitions, you will be able to stand out from the crowd as employers pay attention to competitions. In fact, some employers like to look for potential employees at game competitions as they can find fresh graduates with innovative abilities.

Also, if your portfolio is empty, this can be an excellent opportunity to add a project. In fact, you can’t compete if you don’t submit a finished project. On the other hand, as competitions force candidates to improve, you will probably need to implement new technologies like machine learning in your product.

Competitions also allow you to demonstrate your teamwork skills. There is a big chance to get hired by significant employers. Major companies require employees with teamwork skills as they need to collaborate with other professionals in projects. Showing your teamwork skills might help you meet employers’ demands.

Leverage Connections in the Game Development Industry

Leveraging connections is one of the most efficient ways to break into the industry. It is something you should consider to land a job. Landing an interview can be much easier if you know someone who works at a game development company. Also, having friends working in the industry will not only allow you to get an interview but also earn recommendations. 

However, professional connections grow out of work experiences. Given that, leveraging relationships can be challenging for recent graduates who have no work experience. In that case, enrolling in a coding bootcamp could be a good choice. In fact, you can get a related job interview right after graduation because coding bootcamps work with hiring partners that are always looking for tech talent.

Generally speaking, job interviews right after graduation open many doors to fresh graduates. For that reason, they will be able to leverage industry connections as needed.


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