LCS Schedule For 2021 — What to Expect From New Season

LCS Schedule For 2021 — What to Expect From New Season

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The League Championship Series is an esports league conducted by the American video game developer company, Riot Games, where the League of Legends game’s teams battle to claim over a grand prize-money. The buzz around video games has rapidly increased in the past decade. Not only they are known as Esports, but there are also heavily funded tournaments that companies like Acer, Coca-cola, and American Express sponsor. Read further and get the latest information about LCS Schedule For 2021.

The LCS was first held in October 2009 and has gained popularity since then. The event is conducted live online and is streamed on Twitch and Youtube. As per the LCS schedule of 2021, The LCS playoffs will be between 10 teams.

The current playing format was introduced in 2020. According to the LCS Schedule, it is a double-elimination format in which each team plays around 18 matches. In the first round of the series, only six teams move further in the series. Post this it is a proper knockout tournament where the losing team is kicked out of the tournament.

The tournament is conducted in the United States and Canada. One can watch lol esports also to get the live stream of the match.

The Pre-season Tournament LCS Schedule

League of Legends is a five-player game where two prams are pit against each other in a bid of winning over the enemy-occupied area by destroying a structure known in the game as ‘Nexus’. The LCS schedule for the year 2021 was updated on LoL esport website in December 2020.

The LCS this year has announced a Lock-in pre-tournament. The LoL boards decided to include this pre-tournament to expand the tournament and garner more audience. It will be three weeks long and will consist of prize-money, charity opportunity, and side selection. The schedule for NA LCS lockdown was decided in mid-January.

In this pre-tournament, ten teams will compete against each other for prize money of $150k plus an additional $50k to donate to a charity of the winner’s choice. Watch LoL esport to get glimpses of the lock-in playoff. The following was the schedule for NA LCS-


Day One – Jan. 15

  • 100 Thieves vs TSM
  • CLG vs Team Liquid
  • C9 vs Evil Geniuses
  • Dignitas vs FlyQuest
  • Golden Guardians vs CLG

Day Two – Jan. 16

  • Immortals vs Evil Geniuses
  • Golden Guardians vs TSM
  • C9 vs FlyQuest
  • Immortals vs Dignitas.
  • CLG vs 100 Thieves

Day Three – Jan. 17

  • Immortals vs C9
  • Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves
  • Dignitas vs Evil Geniuses
  • CLG vs TSM
  • Golden Guardians vs Team Liquid

Day Four – Jan. 22

  • Dignitas vs C9
  • Golden Guardians vs 100 Thieves
  • Evil Geniuses vs FlyQuest
  • Team Liquid vs TSM
  • Immortals vs FlyQuest

Quarterfinals – Jan. 23,

Jan. 24 23

  • 100 Thieves vs Immortals (100 thieves won)
  • TSM vs Cloud9 (Cloud9 won)

Jan. 24

  • Evil Geniuses vs Golden Guardians (Evil Geniuses won)
  • Team Liquid vs FlyQuest (Team Liquid won)

Semifinals – Jan. 29,

Jan. 30 29

  • 100 Thieves vs Cloud9 (Cloud9 won)

Jan. 30

  • Evil Geniuses vs Team Liquid (Team Liquid won)

Finals – Jan. 31

  • Cloud9 vs Liquid

Trends to Expect From LCS 2021 Season

According to the LCS Schedule, the 2021 season tournament will have an expanded season with five games a day, three days a week. The regular season will begin with a Spring split which will span for six weeks instead of the usual nine weeks. It will be a double round-robin tournament which means each team will compete against all teams two times.

The LoL board announced these changes for the LCS schedule 2021 to expand the reach of the tournament.

What was earlier Spring Playoff and finals are now transformed into LCS-mid season showdown? The tournament will still be divided into two seasons- Spring and Summer. The teams will be seeded on their performance in the two seasons and then put into an LCS playoff to decide one champion. This will onset the regular championship which will start on Feb. 5 and will go on till Mar. 14.

According to the LCS schedule, this will be followed by the Mid-season showdown from Mar. 20 to Apr. 11. Identical to the previous year’s face-off the LCS schedule for this remains the same. The winner will be crowned the first 2021 LCS title champion and qualify into MSI.

Next in the LCS schedule will be Summer Split Regular Season which will span from Jun. 4 to Aug. 1. The final battle faceoff will from Aug. 7 to 29th to determine the best team in the LCS. Watch LoL esports to get regular updates about the rules and the battles.

This time the LCS schedule was designed so that all the teams will have to compete with each other to garner their place in the board of victors. While the structure was changed, the core seasons remained unaffected to some extent.

What is the LCS Lock In Groups?

The top finishers of the previous season are FlyQuest and TSM were able to choose their opponents for the group stage in a draft. According to the LCS schedule, these two groups faced off to win the grand prize.

Group A, led by TSM, consists of Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, Counter Logic Gaming, and Golden Guardians.

Group B, led by FlyQuest, consists of Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, Dignitas, and Immortals.

The Bottom Line of LCS Schedule For 2021

The LCS schedule for the tournament looks promising and has garnered a lot of buzz. People rooting for their teams and being a part of this from their homes has given this tournament an excellent public presence. The LCS schedule surprised many fans with the new changes as it was the first time after 2016 that the core structure was changed.

Tournaments like these in esports are encouraging in nature and give out a message that no talent goes unrewarded. Video games as a way to earn a living could never have been thought of a few decades ago. Still, with the advancement in the graphic sector and more and more people acknowledging the challenges of playing esports, the field has got quite the recognition and respect.


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