The Ultimate Soda Dungeon 2 Guide — Tips and Tricks

The Ultimate Soda Dungeon 2 Guide — Tips and Tricks

For people who have just started playing the game soda dungeon 2, there is a lot to learn on the way. This game was released on 9th July 2020 by PoxPower and Afro-Ninja Productions following a casual appeal. This helps all the players choose their characters and use them in different parties at the “Soda Tavern” to ultimately battle “The Dark Lord” as part of the final quest. This game’s antagonist has all gold, loot, riches, and other goodies stashed away somewhere in this castle. Getting through the soda dungeon two game is no joke, the players have to go through many traps, undead soldiers, and monsters. Players in this game can hire other soldiers to hang out in the tavern, and then use them to solve some missions, even if they are not available near the keyboard. The loot then accumulated in soda dungeon 2 can build different taverns, towns of custom choice, and fetch much more powerful members for the prevailing party. Unlike games like Gloomhaven, soda dungeon 2 is more light-hearted to this part of the genre.

Starting with the soda dungeon guide, we find a never-ending hoarding of loot where the in-game currency can be used to buy everything in the game. This way, players can build powerful bases and team up. With every different character encountered in the game, there is a gradual increase in the quirky sense of humor with progression. Exploration and combat can involve recruiting a big set of characters for the soda dungeon best team. All such characters come with a unique set of abilities to make the best impact in different classes. In soda dungeon 2, it takes time to know the working of different classes and their uses. The wrong set of characters can make a big difference; players have to form a conservative strategy as to how and when they should be used.

The way soda dungeon 2 works are that after every dungeon is won and completed, they are taken to a new dimension to going after a new adventure. The soda dungeon best team can be made by recruiting 6 players in the team and a maxed-out rooster for an increased chance of success. To add to the fun, a combination of in-game configurations helps choose a custom-designed A.I. dress configuration for their characters for the party. To add to the soda dungeon guide, we have added some cool tips and tricks that can be incorporated for things like soda dungeon best team and a fantastic soda dungeon shifter.

The fastest way to get gold in Soda Dungeon 2

The quickest way to earn cash is through a calendar glitch in this game and cashing out the VIP banker. The cash from the banker varies directly with the amount of gold the player has. However, there is a cap of 10 million per register cash out.

This can be done by following these steps: Turn off all cellular activity and open the game. Exit the game, but do not shut it down. Once it is done, go and change the time forward by a day manually. Close settings without quitting it, and reopen the game. Click on the Banker to cash it out. Repeat the last couple of steps for repeated cash out of the register.

Best Team to Play for in Soda Dungeon

According to popular users, the best team comprising of the soda dungeon shifter consists of 2 zerks, 2 dark mages, and a knight in this particular order. The inclusion of dark mages increases with their spells right from level 1, and bonuses still help in more significant spell boost items.

Team composition in Soda Dungeon 2

With the soda dungeon shifter, this game can have 6 members in a team in totality. These compositions are shown in the form of abbreviations in the order they are taken. Due to speed, it is observed that X always attacks first, hence it is placed last in the order of team placement.

Once the team composition is selected, the player has to set up the given scripts. Following this, he/she has to go for the Quick Battle and go to the highest floor available, i.e., Floor 10. Once this battle is dealt with, the XP is gained based on ingredients given to the Chef.


Toward the soda dungeon guide’s ending, readers must keep in mind proper crafting in the game. Even though there is a big loot that can be found in every dimension of the game, the soda dungeon best team has a higher stat due to equipment that has been magnificently crafted by blacksmiths. Hence, once you complete a dimension, it is good to visit the blacksmith and see what items can be crafted into something beautiful. In addition to this, try to have a wizards’ home. With a wizard in the team, players can have shortcuts to dungeons that have been previously completed. Here, players can skip playing similar circumstances again and jump directly to that particular dungeon’s most profound levels. This will give the team a better loot with faster access and fresher starts to the game.

Lastly, keep your eye out for the tavern. This is important, especially if the player has access to beds. These will help in recruiting more and more characters for the party and go for new adventures. This can be done by placing a large number of sodas by the bed’s side. In the end, the soda dungeon best team can be made by the construction of bases and a regularly crafted approach to the game. Hope you loved reading the soda dungeon guide.


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