Final Fantasy XIV Top Tips on Your Chocobo Companion

Top Tips on Your Chocobo Companion — Final Fantasy XIV

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Final Fantasy XIV Top Tips on Your Chocobo Companion
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Final Fantasy XIV creates a world for players to interact with each other and with the environment as they customize their players in the game with name, race, gender, facial features with a game server for the characters to exist. However, the server is not designed according to the language. Its data centres are placed in supported regions like North America, Europe, and Japan for communication between the server and the computer. This game’s user interface is unified for home console versions that can be played using a keyboard, mouse, and game controller. In this game, the chocobo raising ffxiv allows the players to improve and customize their companions.

How to Unlock A Chocobo Companion In Final Fantasy XIV

The chocobo raising ffxiv allows players to customize their chocobo companions who are unlocked when My Feisty Little Chocobo quest is completed at level 30 or higher than level 30. The work of Chocobo is to defeat monsters and gain experience to rank up and gain skill points which are performed by purchasing abilities from the ‘Defender’, ‘Attacker’, and ‘Healer’ trees. To begin chocobo raising ffxiv the players must acquire a chocobo stable so that you cannot mount or summon someone to battle. Also, ffxiv chocobo training can be done while stabled to earn experience points as they can be trained once per hour and demand fruits or vegetables as a reward. And, if you reward your ffxiv chocobo with the same food, then that food will become a favourite food. However, you can change your favourite ffxiv chocobo food according to your need and desire by repeatedly rewarding your ffxiv chocobo training. And, to unlock a Chocobo companion, there are three different quests:

  • Maelstrom – In this from R’ashaht Rhiki at Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks X:13 and Y:12.
  • Twin Adder – In this quest from Vorsaile Heouloix at New Gridania X:9.5 and Y:11.
  • Immortal Flames – In this chocobo raising ffxiv quest from Swift at Ul’dah steps of Nald X:8.5 and Y:9.

How to Raise Your Chocobo Companion

In ffxiv chocobo training, the number of skill points is earned by one point at each level, and the cost of purchasing abilities from the three tree rises one point with each rank. The player gains the experience required for the ffxiv chocobo to reach the next level rises as the level increases as the portion of the experience progresses as the number of enemies decreases. Getting a chocobo ffxiv does not include fate, leve, or mission experience reward bonuses and includes exp-chains. The chocobo leveling ffxiv acts like an extra party member who can tank, heal and deal damage as they can slay the monsters and earn their EXP to access new powers.

  • When the level of ffxiv chocobo reaches level 10, it can level up or raise by feeding on Thavnairian onion.
  • As the skill point reaches the maximum level then a chocobo can earn 165 skill points which are enough to take all the abilities in all skill-trees by the skill points earned.
  • In chocobo leveling ffxiv if the lower rank abilities are purchased by unlocking higher rank ones in the same tree i.e., if you want to purchase a rank 5 ability then purchasing rank 1 ability through 4 from the same tree is a must.
  • As the traits are stacked across the trees and selecting a stance will make the chocobo raise ffxiv unable to use weapon skills from the trees.
  • And, as the rank ability is higher the number of skill points will also be increased, a player can spend all the points in one tree or invest in abilities from different trees.

How to Get Chocobo Bardings

The Chocobo ffxiv barding is a customized player who gives their Chocobo companion and increases the chocobo raising ffxiv and while barding the chocobos are customized by different cosmetics. They do not give any stat or speed bonuses. Also, getting a chocobo ffxiv for chocobo barding are available of many types as follows:

  • Abigail Barding – This ffxiv barding can be accessed from trimmed sacks found in the dead’s palace.
  • Ala Mhigan Barding – Accessed through level 68 at rattle and humbaba fate in the peaks.
  • Angelic – This barding is purchased from Mog Station
  • Barding of Light – This can be acquired through Veteran Rewards after subscribing to A Realm Reborn for a total of 360 days.
  • Behemoth Barding – It can be accessed through the purchase of ffxiv A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition.
  • Blissful Barding – Goldsmith crafts this barding with recipes including blissful shroud, palladium nugget, twin silk, twin thread, azurite, wing cluster, and fire cluster.
  • Byakko Barding can be crafted at level 70 with fire cluster, wind cluster, palladium ingot, chromite ingot, tiger leather, and byakko’s mane.
  • Chocobo Raincoat – This ffxiv barding is purchased from scrip exchange in rhalgr’s reach for 1650 yellow gatherer’s scrip.
  • Deepshadow Barding – This barding is purchased from Lakeland Gemstone Trader for 350 bicolor gemstones for which the required rank is 3 in all shared fate zones.
  • Emerald Barding is crafted by ARM at level 80 which includes Emerald plating, which drops from castrum marinum.
  • Expanse Barding – This can be crafted by a level 60 Armorer including ice cluster, earth cluster, bismarck’s baleen, titanium ingot, aurum Regis nugget, and holy ramie cloth.
  • Gambler Barding is obtained in a gold saucer by purchasing it from a gold saucer attendant for 20000 MGP.
  • Highland Barding can be crafted by level 40 leatherworker including earth shard, wing shard, blue fox hide, undyed woolen cloth, woolen yarn, and elm lumber.
  • True Barding of Light – This can be crafted by ARM at level 80 with a recipe including a plate of light dropped from The Seat of Sacrifice and many more bardings.


As discussed above, to get the chocobo companion, they are unblocked after completing My Feisty Little Chocobo quest at level 30 or higher than level 30. Also, raising a chocobo player is needed to acquire a chocobo stable that can be purchased from the housing merchant NPC.


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