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With Halo 3 less than three months away, Bungie is beginning to lift the veil with a couple of big reveals this week. The first was a whole slew of post-beta screenshots and details, revealing two new multiplayer maps (remake of Zanzibar FTW), armor customization, and the brand new, super-fast Brute Chopper vehicle.

The second big Bungie revelation was the second publicly-released screenshot of Halo 3’s single-player campaign. Seen above, the screen leaves a great deal to speculation. The stunning mountains mean that it’s probably Earth, and the mysterious smoke on the far right may very well be where the survivors crash-landed on Lost (uh oh, spoiler alert!). What’s for certain, however, is that Master Chief is looking damn fine in HD. Is it September yet?

Update: This is actually the second official campaign screenshot from the game. The first can be checked out here. Thanks to DWells and Bangbang for the heads-up.

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