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A 2004 prototype of the Nintendo DS from E3 2004 (via Tengaport). The little dual-screen has come a long way, hasn’t it? Check out the highlights for today:

Microsoft’s Red Ring warranty conference call transcribed
Today’s most standup video: CliffyB, the comedian

New BioShock video appears, narrated by Ken Levine
Sony president says no ‘immediate plans’ for PS3 price cut
Sony apologizes about Manchester Cathedral … again
Medal of Honor: Airborne PS3 delayed until November
Xbox 360’s Virtua Fighter 5 to feature online play
Dungeon Siege blasts off, becomes Space Siege
New BlackSite trailer (temporarily) excites us again
Sony ‘bringing home’ E3 too, on PSN
Atari confirms Jenga for Wii, DS
De Blob confirmed for Wii, also coming to DS
Parkour-based FPS in the works
Behold ‘Sacred Digital Guidelines’ by the Church of England
Bleach pours out of Japan; Wii, DS games coming to US, Europe

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Beautiful Katamari drops PS3, picks up Wii
Memo shows $20 gap in Xbox and PS3 Rock Band guitar
First video of Gears of War for PC, here and gone in 10 minutes
Rumor: Sakaguchi working on Xbox 360 MMO

Culture & Community
G4 broadcasting min-E3 live
Junkets and the game writers who love them
Euro rating system PEGI goes online
Reminder: Bungie Day goodies on XBLM tomorrow

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Video Gaming Blog
Video Gaming Blog