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Homestar Runner’s fictional game development studio, Videlectrix (who also created Peasant’s Quest and Thy Dungeonman 3: Behold Thy Graphics!), have just released another treasure of gaming hilarity: Where’s an Egg?. The gameplay is reminiscent of old adventure titles and has you visiting a number of locations talking to people and […]

“It’s June 6th, 1944, and the war is in your hands. Step into the boots of OSS Operative John Berg and infiltrate Normandy from behind enemy lines to undermine the Nazi regime.”
News – Medal of Honor Heroes 2 announced for Wii and PSP Posted by Josh Freund at 11:05:55 PM EST on 7.17.2007. Electronic […]

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For those who want to see just how violent Bethesda is planning Fallout 3 to be (and didn’t already check out the latest Game Informer), the developer has released new pictures from the game, including Lucas Simms, one of the first NPCs you encounter outside of the vault who […]

Ninja Mikey, from Ninja Theory (the studio developing Heavenly Sword), had this to say:
People at home really want to get hands on too. Well, let me just tell you all that the dev team has finished work on the demo.. that’s it… it’s in the bag… so now it’s a case of Sony deciding when […]

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Game|Life had a chance to interview BioWare President Greg Zeschuk, and CEO Ray Muzyka about the as-yet-unnamed Sonic the Hedgehog RPG being developed for the Nintendo DS. Although no specific details are revealed, the two reassure Game|Life that the series is in good hands.
Promising “fast-paced gameplay” and “a rich story,” […]

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Dungeon Hero’s title is supposed to be a bit ironic. See, the thing in Dungeon Hero is that you’re a a human, but you’re not actually good, and the dungeon isn’t bad. Through a fantastic opening sequence (found after the break) you’ll get the premise of what’s going on. […]

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Paul Eres recently published a short preview of the upcoming indie game Knytt Stories. The feature walks through a few of the major points of the game, comparing it with the previous Knytt release and the creator’s other major game, Within a Deep Forest. Half a dozen new screenshots were also unveiled, […]

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There’s a great simplicity to be admired in PixelJunk Racers, an upcoming downloadable title for the PlayStation Network. The game offers traditional top-down 2D racing with a variety of gameplay modes. We could see at least two dozen modes to choose from, each with their own goals to achieve.
For […]

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Well, Pete, now that you’ve got your own internet meme named, you decided to turn to the company who made the meme possible. Enjoy your new job Pete, we hope you get some Rock Band practice in. Check out the highlights for today:
JoystiqueryJoystiq hands-on: FuryJoystiq impressions: Dungeon […]

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With all the fun of balancing combined with the appeal of yoga in front of a TV, Wii Fit isn’t aiming for a gamer demographic. But gamers may still have fun getting physical later this year. GameTrailers shows some of the more playful elements: rolling […]

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Video Gaming Blog