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With E3 next week, the Joystiq crew have been frantically searching for all of our essential items for the conference. We’ve scoured Flickr to see dozens of images of people throwing their packing lists (image via Tengaport), and we’ve compiled what we think is the quintessential list of E3 packings, listed after the break.

Here are our picks for best game-related webcomics of the week*, be sure to vote for your favorite!

* Let’s preempt the chatter: Penny Arcade wasn’t game-related this week.

** We’ve said twice prior that Fanboys Online’s much-loved Pulp Fiction webcomic would be put in this week, but we can’t seem to access the site at all right now! We’ve pinged Scott Dewitt for a copy of the strip; regardless, that slot is Fanboys and until we can show you guys the strip, feel free to vote on memory.

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