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Risking a major first party franchise on a cell phone endeavor is risky, but if God of War: Betrayal is an indication of the talent level at Sony Online Los Angeles studio, someone is due for a raise. via
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At first glance, the iPhone doesn’t bear much resemblance to the Nintendo Wii. However, in terms of the way they’ve shaken up their respective markets, both gadgets are implementing remarkably similar … via Mobile Mentalism
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Did you know that every game-related webcomic is just a knock-off of Penny Arcade? Most of our commenters have, at some point, figured it out and/or cried “PA did it!” as loud as they can with Lucida Grande font. Steve Napierski of Dueling Analogs figured it out, and explains the gospel […]

The Charlie Kaufman-like premise of this game alone makes me glad that I chose to sit in my boxers and write about video games inside, as opposed to actually going out into the world. via Cinema Blend News
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If you happened to catch the original look for Valve’s The Orange Box (which includes Half-Life 2, Episodes 1 and 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2), you’ll know it was just a generic Word font on an orange background — what we have […]

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GameTrailers has a meaty preview of Xbox 360’s Project Sylpheed — well, it’s meaty for anyone who hasn’t downloaded the demo yet. Reaction has certainly been mixed about the demo, which can either be the fault of the level choice demo or of the game itself (if it wasn’t for […]

“That’s what we taught our kids — if they didn’t do it in moderation in our home, we moderated it for them” There’s not yet enough evidence to label excessive use of video games an addiction, according to Wednesday’s vote on the issue by top U.S. doctors. via MedicineNet

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When does mere coincidence become conspiracy? It’s an appropriate question to ask given the curious state of this week’s Japanese hardware sales, which seem to hint at an unseen entity unfairly adjusting parameters and altering the […]

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TDK is tossing their entry into the tsunami of training games for the Nintendo DS. DS Origami sits comfortably alongside other non-games that teach gardening, skin care, yoga, and language skills. The top screen shows users where to make folds while a controllable video plays on the bottom screen. Over 100 […]

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NetDevil, the folks behind the LEGO MMO, recently announced it will bring “substantial updates” to the company’s 2001 space combat MMOG, Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative. The game is to receive a complete graphics overhaul as well as new, more intelligent AI, more weapons, advanced social aspects such as player-owned stations, and […]

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